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Pioneer TS-S01RSII

Pioneer TS-S01RSII

Цена: 59,900.00 руб.
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Superior technology is instilled in this midrange speaker to reproduce even wider-range audio with improved low frequencies. The result is extremely natural and detailed sound with high separation.

Used by Team PioneerThe pulp-based composite cone is very solid, increasing the linearity and reproduction accuracy. The Diamond Like Carbon-coated titanium centre cap is also plated with ion, which further improves rigidity and resonance reduction. These qualities also ensure better tone matching with the other RSII speakers.

A specially-designed corrugated surround allows expanded cone movement while controlling
resonance for emphasised bass response.

This speaker features a high-performance magnetic circuit with increased driving force, which gives excellent linearity from the mid-low to high frequencies. In order to achieve a highly rigid and low-resonance design, the unique full-basket zinc frame and tungsten holder are joined together at 5 points. A zinc die-cast back chamber is included, making a connection to the TS-T01RSII and TS-M01RSII speakers easier.

Without the chamber, the unit can function as a mid-bass speaker.

  • Максимальная мощность60W (with back chamber) / 50 Вт

  • Номинальная мощность входного сигнала15 Вт

  • Импеданс

  • Частотная характеристика120 - 24,000 Hz with back chamber / 70 - 24,000 Гц

  • Чувствительность (1 В/1 м)86 Дб

  • Диаметр СЧ-динамика77,0 мм

  • Материал, из которого изготовлен СЧ-динамик• Pulp-based composite cone with reinforced ribs
    • Ion plated titanium centre cap with diamond-like carbon coating

  • Тип обмотки звуковой катушкиLightweight high transient voice coil

  • МагнитHigh-performance neodymium

  • Зажимные контактыGold-plated

  • РазмерыØ 90 x 42,5 (D) / with back chamber: 67 мм

  • Масса0,44 kg

  • ОтверстиеØ 72,5 мм (Ø 77mm with back chamber) мм

  • Монтажное отверстие37,5 mm

  • ОбивкаCorrugated surround coated with damping material on front and back side

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